Hong Kong is dead! Long live Hong Kong!

Born on the 26th January, 1841, the British flag was first raised in declaration of founding Hong Kong; it died on the 2nd August, 2016, when would-be candidates in the 2016 Legislative Council election were disqualified from being candidates for their political persuasion, which is in support for Hong Kong independence. During the final weekend of July 2016, Andy Chan Ho-tin was given a no-go by the Electoral Affairs Commission, disqualified from running in the LegCo election due to his political stance in advocating Hong Kong independence, despite Chan having signed the mandatory form to be considered a legitimate candidate, which requires the would-be candidate to uphold the Basic Law and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

However he refused to sign the confirmation letter which highlights three articles in the Basic Law that says china has the rights over Hong Kong, as Chan has already signed the legal documentation, which included the statutory declaration that they will uphold the Basic Law in its entirety. Following Chan’s disqualification, the candidate known as Hitsujiko Nakade was also disqualified, as had Edward Leung Tin-kei today (2nd August, 2016), along with Lai Yee-man of the pro-return-to-British-administration Conservative Party, and Chan Kwok Keong who also supports Hong Kong independence. The Electoral Affairs Commission made it explicit that these candidates were disqualified for their outspoken support for the Hong Kong independence movement, a campaign that china is both afraid of and look down upon. Edward Leung Tin-kei, when presented with an email from the Commission asking for clarification whether he would continue to advocate Hong Kong independence, replied that he would withdraw his statements for Hong Kong independence, even opening a new Facebook page which omitted his previous statement of supporting independence, was nevertheless still disqualified from the election as the corresponding officer from the Commission cited Leung’s previous Facebook statements advocated independence.

This is in direct contradiction with the Basic Law itself, which states explicitly that ANYONE – regardless of gender, religion and political persuasions – are eligible for nomination and running in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council election, as long as they are Hong Kong permanent residents, above 21 years of age, does not hold a foreign passport, and have not served or sentenced more than 3 months in jail. This is preposterous as it is completely against the ideal of an equal, fair and democratic election for anyone to be rejected from contesting in election, simply because of his or her political stance is perceived to be against the interests of the HKSAR regime or china’s totalitarian regime in Beijing. In Hong Kong’s “one country, two system”, as agreed to between china and the UK in 1986, Hong Kong’s political system must remain unchanged until 2047, which is democratic and that all human and citizen rights to be guaranteed by law! Yet, last weekend and today, a mere officer from the Electoral Affairs Commission, backed by the justice department, the chief secretary office and the chief executive office, was vested with the power to deny a Hong Kong citizen of his or her right to contest in election, and to deny the right of Hongkongers to vote for them. As such, we can only declare that as of now, the 2nd of August, 2016, that Hong Kong is officially dead! Reason of death: murdered by china who have defaulted on its promise in 1986 to stay out of Hong Kong’s political society at least until 2047! The remnant people of Hong Kong is now forced into a potentially bloody battle with china, in order to possibly revive Hong Kong, to have a new Hong Kong rising from the ashes like the legendary phoenix – a new, independent nation of Hong Kong!