The recent chinese abductions of Hong Kongers reminded me of a hypothesis I had read earlier; proposed by Danny Vendramini, the Neanderthal Predation “Theory” hypothesises that Homo Sapien Sapien’s evolution to modern humans is due to a long predation by the Neanderthals. In the past, we were all taught that Homo Sapien Sapien co-existed with Homo Sapien Neanderthalensis (Neanderthals), and that the former’s cognitive evolution gave them the edge over the stupid Neanderthals, driving them to extinction. Vendramini in his argument instead argue that the Neanderthals while more primal than our ancestors, were cunning and highly predatory, nearly driven modern humankind into extinction. What saved our ancestors was that the small bands of survivors evolved pro-actively, changing not just their daily lifestyles but even changing the whole physical appearance, but in ways that most people would label as fascist and brutal. Whilst thinking over the Neanderthal Predation “Theory”, the situation is not unlike that in Hong Kong, for we are also faced with Neanderthals of our own: the chinese.

According to Vendramini, Sapiens initially were a docile subspecies, having a primarily vegetarian diet and highly social, whereas the Neanderthals hunted in solitary packs and were highly predatory. The Neanderthals often would raid Sapiens’ camp sites, killing and consuming Sapiens as food. Being biologically compatible, Neanderthal mating with Sapiens would produce fertile children, so Neanderthals would also kidnap Sapien females back to camp for mating. The Sapiens were no match for their predator and their numbers dwindled from thousands to a few hundred, to the point of facing imminent extinction … until the survivors struck back.

The Neanderthal Predation “Theory” proposed that the Sapiens initiated drastic measures to combat against further predation. In order to easily distinguish Sapiens and Neanderthal from a distance, the Sapiens consciously chose less hairy children (as Vendramini hypothesised that both species were hairy like chimpanzees) to survive, allowing the hairy ones to perish, sometimes killing any babies suspected of being Sapien-Neanderthal hybrids. The males learnt to be more aggressive, creating and learning to use weapons to compensate for the Neanderthals’ physical advantage. The females on the other hand learnt to hide their fertility from outsiders, in order to stop further Neanderthal rapes.

Culturally, the Sapiens adopted washing and hygiene practices to reduce their odour and scent being detected by the Neanderthals, inventing clothing for keeping warm in replacement for the hairy bodies, and created a written language that will give them an edge over the Neanderthals, by being able to communicate with other Sapiens over space and time. Socially, the Sapiens banded together to form the first settlements in order to better defend themselves against the Neanderthals, inventing agriculture and husbandry instead of foraging and hunting for food. Members of Sapien Society were also organised into different functions to maximise the effective use of time, and rules were made to educate Sapiens do-and-don’ts that will ensure their survival against their Neanderthal enemies.

The Sapiens also invented the precursor to a military, whereby Sapien males, carrying their newly-invented weaponry, would be organised into hunting parties out to kill any Neanderthals nearby. Trading also occurred between the different Sapien settlements, allowing each to make up for resources they lack that other settlements have. In terms of evolution, these changes were rapid, and the Sapiens had to or faced total annihilation. In the end, the Sapiens turned the table upon the Neanderthals, and it was the latter that is now facing extinction. By modern standards, what our primitive ancestors did to save themselves was fascist and genocidal, but without which they would have perished and modern humans would not have come to be.


In Hong Kong recently, we are facing once again the imminent threat that our ancestors faced millions of years ago: annihilation and extinction; our enemy is the chinese, our Neanderthals up north. In the many ways our Sapien ancestors faced eradication at the hands of the Neanderthals, by and large, Hong Kongers are facing similar dangers. Recently, china kidnapped a number of Hong Kongers supposedly in violation of chinese regulations whilst in Hong Kong, regulations that have no jurisdiction in Hong Kong; and not too long ago, there were attempts at kidnapping Hong Kong children by chinese human trafficking syndicates. Last month, a Hong Kong family was attacked by a chinese one, which is just the tip of the iceberg as many similar incidents go unreported. Politically, the chinese are manoeuvring Hong Kong to a situation whereby Hong Kong people are hard-pressed for livelihood, afraid to raise the next generation, our young Hong Kongers killing themselves in hopelessness, and our language and cultures being replaced by the chinese ones. All in all, it is a silent and bloodless genocide, in contrast to the bloody Neanderthal predation of our Sapien ancestors, and the people of Hong Kong are approaching the population bottleneck that the primitive Sapiens faced: Hong Kongers either evolve quickly, or face extinction.

But what can Hong Kongers do? Do we do what our ancestors did and form hunting parties to kill the chinese? We have not come to that point, but what can we do? Firstly, we take the Lord’s first commandment to humanity, all those years ago back in Eden: go forth and multiply, breed. What china and their goons want Hong Kongers to do is not have children, for fear of economic hardship, and to battle against that is to have children abundantly. Yes, I can hear people say “that’s all well and good for you to say, but we do not even have the time for courtship, we do not even sufficient space at home to raise a family”, and my reply to that is at least those Hong Kongers who already have started a family to keep going and do more. Those who would like to have children, but financially unable to do so, can help take the economic pressure off other Hong Kongers by offering to take care of their neighbours’ children; or Hong Kong mothers can come together to organise play groups, with mothers who chose to retire from the workplace looking after and educating the children, while mothers who chose to continue working can go to work without worry. Some parents chose to home education for their children, they can invite other parents to send their children to them to be educated, in a learning environment we can control, one that is not laced with nor tainted with the SAR regime’s brainwashing and overwhelming pressure. Those with teaching experience can help out by offering to write a learning curriculum for these home schools, so that they are not totally left out of mainstream education.

In Hong Kong’s schools, many language teachers are telling our children to not speak Cantonese, coercing them to write in crippled script,as part of the SAR regime’s genocidal ploy to forcibly join Hong Kongers with the chinese. Hong Kongers who are good at setting trends and fashion can promote Cantonese, Proper Script and English as the trend, what it means to be cool. People who are good at international relations can help raise awareness of this genocide, something that the international world is highly against but does not realise. Those who are studying overseas or travelling overseas, they can tell the schools and universities not to overly promote Mandarin as the Chinese language, but perhaps offer Cantonese as another option; or tell tourist shops not to use Mandarin automatically to every chinese-looking traveller, nor to use china’s crippled script by telling these stores that to do so is helping china’s cultural genocide.

Culturally, Hong Kongers need to promote our own cultures: those who are good at singing or other arts can do more to sell their art and promote it, Hong Kongers should set ourselves apart from the chinese and do not do things the chinese do. Again, trend-setters and fashion leaders should battle against the stigma that mainstream media have placed upon Hong Kong’s young men and women, instead promote that our men and women are better than chinese ones, and of course we should behave better than them to prove this argument, so that Hong Kongers are not de-populated by marrying chinese partners. These are just some suggestions for Hong Kongers, it is the job for every Hong Konger to come up with ways they can help Hong Kong revitalise and rebuild.

Yes, some of what I have suggested are bordering on fascism and prejudice in the eyes of some, but in times where we Hong Kongers are facing imminent extinction, it is not the time to be overly generous and tolerant. When the ancient Israelites were exiled from their homeland, being forced to live amongst Babylonians and then the Persians, they set themselves apart by refusing to integrate with their captors and conquerors; or as our primitive Sapien ancestors, consciously and deliberately setting themselves apart by consciously making changes to how they live, how they look, how they interacted with each other, and how they raise the next generations to continue with the plan.