It’s more than just vaccines supplies that are in danger in Hong Kong

In Shandong, China, there recently were cases where their vaccines for kids were compromised, now Chinese parents are coming in their hordes to Hong Kong, to take their children’s vaccinations here.

The major media reported that the majority of hospitals in Hong Kong, mostly public ones, have been fully booked by Chinese parents. This is because the health department in Hong Kong have allowed aliens to Hong Kong access to Hong Kong’s vaccines at half the cost, where the gap would be paid by Hong Kong taxpayers.

The health department tried to tell people they have enough vaccines to spare, and that Hongkongers need not fret that situations such as the milk formula famine and lack of maternity wards in the past, would also happen for vaccines. The major media have been reporting how the Chinese parents and their children should be pitied, but not an iota of words were mentioned about the fear of Hong Kong parents that they will not be able to have their child immunised: this includes not just the availability of the vaccine, but also the waiting time and queuing, and also how the already more than maxed out hospitals be able to cope with the waves of Chinese coming in.

No matter how the SAR regime tries to paint a pretty picture, no amount of spare vaccines can adequately supply the millions of Chinese that are looking to come through Hong Kong for their children’s vaccinations. As mentioned, there is also the issue of adequate medical experts available, and the extreme pressures placed on the medical staff, as the Chinese are notorious for their ill treatment of nurses, when they feel the ‘service’ is not up to their expectations.

In addition, the millions of Chinese parents and their kids expected to come through will place huge pressure on the Immigration Department and border patrol, although the said department’s integrity in managing HK’s borders have been compromised, often turning a blind eye to Chinese offenders. This means pregnant Chinese mothers may try to make their way through to HK in the overloaded confusion, to give birth and con their way into getting HK permanent residency for their child. Not to mention other Chinese such as drug and human traffickers.

Furthermore, the potential massive influx will cause a heavy burden to Hong Kong’s roads and public transport, where buses and the metro rail are already operating beyond their capacity. Moreover, it is expected that these Chinese families will not just come for a vaccine and go, but take advantage of their time to go around Hong Kong as ‘tourists’, potentially causing more dissent amongst Hongkongers, when these Chinese abuse Hong Kong society with their greater-than-thou but totally anti-social behaviours.

Yet, the pan-democrats and supposed ‘localist’ are telling Hongkongers that we must be charitable and show compassion for these Chinese. The Neo-Democrats legislator Gary Fan have posted on his Facebook timeline that, if Hongkongers will have access to the vaccine first, then it’s all good. A so called localist group had a doctor who also spouted similar rhetoric, that Hongkongers in promoting localist values should also extend pity and compassion for these Chinese…..

As I have said, it’s way more than just vaccine and adequate supplies there of, but it is also about other parts of HK society that will be adversely affected. We do not have the obligation, nor ability, to be charitable to the Chinese at a potential disastrous cost on ourselves!