The implanted insanity – For mental condition of the Germans

A strange and dangerous disease is spreading on German soil: the implanted (”induced”) insanity. So Many wonders : what happened with this talented, powerful and capable people that a general decline with “the fight against the child”, alienation, moral decline, is growing up impoverishment and lack of confidence can be reported up to the self-hatred today.

The answer is surprisingly simple: it is the ability to influence the human mind through specific educational measures and control, which were use by the victors for their evil purposes. In the wake of two consecutive lost wars the opportunity of spiritual defence carried by Germans had been taken with devastating consequences last.

In place of their own, grown and species-preserving ideals, the enemy planted his criminal ideas in the heads of the Germans. A “Frankfurt School” called reimportation from the United States – A Marx-Freud-waste – acts on all teaching and educational levels as a mental disease. This works very much with the means of falsification of history in order to trigger a debt neurosis among the Germans. Meanwhile, “ARE”, as the well-known American company and historian Harry Elmer Barnes notes: “the Germans the only people in the world, which lost for acts ,did not commit.” As a result of psychological warfare, Germans today are mentally ill and unable to avert. Horst Mahler speaks of the murder of the soul of the German people.

If someone had explained to May 8, 1945, 60 years later the Germans would celebrate the unconditional surrender of the armed forces as their “liberation”, he would have been addressed as a German at the time worried on his mental state towards. Now, decades later, it is so far: This insane mindset has become a national disease and German with preserved intellect out of the ordinary. What has happened in these decades with the Germans?

So first: What the Germans in 1945 were free?

– From around three million dead women and children fleeing from the murderous, schändenden (disgracing) Russians, Poles and Czechs!

– From our possessions in the East, more than a third best German master land!

– From other millions of men, women and children by the terrorist attacks of the British and Americans on housing estates!

– By deliberate mass murder of a million German prisoners of war in the way of the hunger blockade by French and Americans still after the surrender!

– From (from latest source) of 20 million dead Germans in one of these unwanted war!

– Of health and living with an army of millions of cripples and orphans in the wake!

– From art treasures, monuments, cultural institutions, industrial facilities, public and private property!

– Finally, common sense! The mental condition in immediately tripartite Germany reached as the intended result of the unconditional surrender plan fully the state of incapacitation through a “transformation” called spiritual crippling

– And on the mental arrived there. The artificially created material distress of the Germans after the First World War had not been proven to their spiritual submission.

So this was the Germans happened in recent decades, where they have been in its history, the law, and especially of the right deprived truth, from the unconscionable previous victors including their local henchmen urged majority in a guilt and atonement complex, with all characteristics of abnormal behaviours among those affected. Brainwashing is known – and this from time immemorial. What is new is the extent to which a great nation is treated with grown culture as a whole in a formal state of emergency to his incapacitation.

The Nestor of modern psychiatry, Emil Kraepelin, has introduced this 100 years ago the concept of “induced insanity” in science, to German “implanted insanity”. These are the old, the psychologists and psychiatrists well known method of targeted astray making by mental influence. The mentioned fields are three forms of insanity familiar, of which only knows the first two the public. It is the innate insanity, the acquired insanity and even the implanted insanity. The innate insanity requires Erörterung (debate, discussion, consideration) even for the novice no further achieved. Also acquired insanity by illness, injury or poisoning is known commonly.

The implanted insanity by massive psychological influence, especially in vulnerable, adolescent developmental stage, although it is known since prehistoric times with their cultic rites, more familiar in our times but the same hereby concerned professionals. The implanted insanity has little much but to do with intelligence, with the partial suspension of logical thinking through specific, spiritual influence. This seems all the more devastating, the young and immature of thereby being influenced are the human mind.

Targeted indoctrination at the right time all the functional areas of logical thinking, including congenital, species-preserving behaviours are out of operation to set, with the result that the people concerned act even despite their own, stock-conserving concern. There are developing sections, especially the youthful nature where these machinations engage irreversibly in spirit and leave lifelong mental cripple. To illustrate this in a relatively simple example: the Japanese, Chinese and other East Asians can after 4 years, the “R” no longer learn because after carrying out the necessary mental function is no longer available, but that they also in our latitudes can learn easily how our children.

Conversely, a Euro-Steam child who grows exclusively in the Asian language area, after 4 years of his hand no “R” to learn more. Of course, this formative way engages in complex thought processes even in later life, but ends substantially with the age of 10.

Since this finding was already known in antiquity, cultivated for example the Romans in their conquest of the male population down to boys in 10 years to slay as the cultural institutions of their peoples, to thereafter romanise the subjugated peoples successfully. Something refined, but with the same resounding success went the Christian rulers before the Middle Ages, when in boyhood kidnapped the sons of their pagan opponents. One of the examples is Karantanenführers Borod in Carinthia of the 9th century, the princely children then in re-education camps spent, in this case in the monastery Frauenchiemsee – and then be used against their own people and his faith.

An absolutely classic case of implanted insanity operated the Turks with their Janissaries from 1329 to 1826. In the Janissaries, the one hand, the spearhead of the Turkish conquests made – a kind of “Waffen SS the Sublime Porte” – and on the other hand, the bodyguard of the Sultan presented, acted most such formerly abducted Christian children.

Under the sole condition that they were young enough for a thorough re-education, they were then to use for any purpose, including for murder and mayhem to their own relatives, parents and siblings. Following the same pattern, the fanatical child soldiers of Pol Pot went serving the Khmer Rouge against their own parents before they personally and cruelly tortured usually to death.

The brutal Hau Ruck methods of brainwashing communist rulers, operated mainly in adults, were still a relatively coarse grid, the weak personalities left behind as a mental cripple, strong personalities but the possibility of recovery offered. But only the modern psychoanalytic tricks of western re-education with its refined, sophisticated and scientifically proven means of creeping Gehirnwäsche (Brainwashing) made it possible to all peoples through the skilful use of all communication, entertainment and education resources from an early age, accompanied by the instruments of power of legislative, executive and judiciary, to turn against their own life concerns.

The saddest example of our time is the German nation in all its state forms. After the lost World War II, which was accompanied by the loss of much of the intellectual elite and thus the culture carrier, sat a targeted and psychologically skilful “re-education”, which all the fights thoroughly and transformed into its opposite, which is the essence of the people. They are his inherited behaviour patterns to preserve the ethnic identity – and intellectual heritage.

The inherited behaviour patterns came in generations of selection in the struggle for existence as a survival strategy, so that, being deprived of a contrario (appeal from the contrary) , a nation, these strategies, is doomed.

The German people, whether its high spirituality and vitality of envious competitors beyond law and morality fights is slid in this way a dangerous piece far. The continuing self-accusation after more than 59 years re-education, is dripping and no longer be beaten before “Crime and Punishment” and National masochism.

■ Why welcomed alleged representative of Germany on the occasion of winner ceremony of the antiwar in Normandy own defeat? – This was the incident room of foreign powers in Europe –

■ What does Chancellor Schröder apologise in Warsaw? About the fact that the German army at the time the insurgent partisans acknowledged the combatant status and the women offering free passage, to which it was not required by the Hague Convention? This may be true name Registrar, the majority of free and sentient people it is not.

■ What brings the media of this “Republic”, Dresden to establish with Coventry, So to push the planned mass murder of German women and children by the antiwar their own countrymen in the shoes? Coventry was at that time one of the most important British industrial centres and so massively defended that caused thereby, inaccurate bombing of German attackers cost 400 lives. Dresden, however, was an open, with refugee women and children hopelessly overcrowded in cultural city that has been the victim of a deliberate mass murder with the thousand-fold number of people by British and American bomber squadron having just this circumstance. This had begun long before Coventry with terrorist attacks against civilians. The commemoration of the momentous defeat of Germany since sexes is now misused to reverse cause and effect to the war enclosing Germans in general with the assertion of the “sole responsibility”.

That is not the German Reich, but Britain and France had in 1939 declared World War, seems to be forgotten, just as the fact that the United States had opened hostilities against Germany even without a declaration of war and that the German Reich in Poland only intervened when the latter State, incited by the Anglo-French guarantee statement already murdered thousands of Germans in the stolen territories, tens of thousands deported to concentration camps – had and thereof brought a variety of property and home.

The United States has invaded Yugoslavia in 1991 with poor reasoning. The case are not even our allies, but their local are mentally crippled by reeducation henchmen who behave Catholic than the Pope. The victors come here admittedly a bad disposition of the weakness Deutsche stead, who had our “friends” factored in doubt after biting realizations Bismarck: “The urge to serve foreign interests, even if this is only possible surrender of national interests, is a disease whose geographical distribution is limited to Germany. ”

The series of common sense inaccessible Nestbeschmutzungen lie SSE on and on through daily proffered oddities. “You have our history distorted in a criminal record,” itself notes the former socialist chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

Why? For whom?

Meanwhile propagate some who call themselves German, their collective suicide as a nationalist nature by demanding loudly: “Die, Germany!” The implanted insanity therefore no longer restricted to a limited number of people, but is on the verge IN A COLLECTIVE insanity AN ENTIRE PEOPLE move.

Amazingly many contemporaries – and there are those increasingly – now react like Pawlow`schen dogs. The famous St. Petersburg physiologist had his dogs so trained that they dripped on rings of gastric secretion of a gastric tube. The good animals had received her steak only said rings and were now set to an incorrect reference. Just happens to those trained contemporaries, where rocketing in terms such as “home”, “nation” and “people” of adrenaline with the desired result that they react hysterically aggressive.

To recognize a superior opponent, who also operates out of the darkness, and put on, is indeed one of the most difficult task, although this exact is indispensable for the price of one’s own survival. but to have the opponent recognized and seen through his methods, is half the victory. The complete victory is achieved when Germany recovers in his state, the German Reich, his high-handed action.”